About Me…


My name is Pavinee Waewseangsang.
I hope to growth together with others people between helping to save the WORLD for next generation.

We use PURE Bio-plastic in Home Decorative item and extend to various product that we aim to expand great products that deliver to customer.

It is easier to compostable than chemical plastic around 500-1,000 times.

I had graduated at College of Innovation, Thammasat University, with GPA 3.85.

And I had have a publication with well-known researcher about biotechnology

(ThaiTIMA. The 3rd Annual Conference on Technology and Innovation Management, pp.247-252).

Those two experiences are started burn inspiration in my heart to interesting in innovation business and have my own green business to develop PURE bio-plastic property and spread the application of its use around the world.

My goal is to expand pure and green bio-plastic application around the WORLD.
Visit me at : https://about.me/pavinee.waew
Phone : +6681 6689 343
Mail : Pavinee@Pellena.com
Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/PellenaThai


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